Guide for your upcoming session



I recommend wearing something more bold and colorful 
with a lot of texture to show off personality. This is an 
opporturnity for your child to shine! For children, 
I usually recommend barefeet for indoors and boots or shoes 
that compliment their outfit for outside.
I recommend clothing that has texture, such as; 
knitting, embroidery, dark faded denim, buttons, and ruffles.
 This type of clothing tends to photograph better and adds more visual interest.


It can be difficult to coordinate colors and not look too matchy.
I recommend picking a few colors, but try not to put them in the same
exact clothing. The more layers, textures and colors, the better. Just pick colors
that compliment each other. I recommend bright or deep colors
(jewel tones like mustard yellow, deep purple, turquoise, dark pink, etc.)
and try to stay away from pastels. I do recommend investing in your childs
clothing for the session because it does make a huge difference
in the final product. Search out local or online boutiques,
they have one of a kind style. 






Choose a style you like and a few colors you like as well.
 I recommend having the parents dress 
fashionable, yet simple and focus more of the funky,
 unique style on the kids. If you have 5 people 
all dressing with a lot of layers and accessories it can be too much. Dark 
jeans that have a grit to them is always a great choice for the parents 
or especially the husband. If you are going to wear a print,
 stay away from small prints, there is not a lot of visual interest (think bold!). 
Continue to think about texture and color. You may think that certain colors don’t 
go together, but again think out of the box and have fun!
***Feel free to bring a suitcase of clothing and I will help style you!