Moore - Art Photography Senior Portraits


Senior sessions are always full of energy.  What I recommend to my seniors is to come with an open mind, a fun attitude and of course a lot of clothes. Usually sessions last about 1-2 hours. This gives you enough time to have different looks, so bring a bag of clothing and I will help style your session. Some clothing is adorable, but may not photograph well, that's where I come in. Please bring clothing that fits your personality and that you feel comfortable in. I recommend layering clothing to add interest. Also, anything with lots of color and texture photographs really well. I usually ask to stay away from pastels and some white items, as they don't photograph as well outdoors.



All sessions are photographed on location. (Studio Sessions available Upon Request) 

Questions to ask yourself when picking your location:


-Where do you hang out?  Have a favorite coffee shop or boutique you love?  Maybe an Urban Downtown location is for you.


-Do you love the outdoors?  Is camping, fishing, boating, hiking and nature your thing?  Then maybe your favorite park, beach, marina, or lake is for you.  


-Do you participate in sports or the arts?  Maybe a session at the football field or on the stage is for you.


Maybe you are a couple or all of these don't worry we will work with you to give you an incredible senior portrait experience.

Book your session today.   Sessions begin at $200 and packages start at $499.  For more information on sessions and our print and heirloom products call us at 360-970-8421 or email us for a full brochure.